Dinner Set Roundup with Jane Thelwell (January)

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This seven week pottery course will incorporate the design and technical throwing skills needed to master a full set of dishware! Dinner plates, soup bowls, mugs, pitchers and hors d'oeuvres plates - oh my!


Want to learn the bread and butter of pottery? This advance throwing class is suited for both hobbyist's and those of us moving into the realm of production pottery. Join Jane Thelwell and learn everything you need to know about building a dinner set. Find your artistic voice, make original designs and put her technical skills to practice!

Jane is leading the way answering all your burning questions about what, why and how to do this-and-that on the wheel. From technicalities like how to fit lids, how to reproduce the same shape or how to get unconventional forms. Jane's wealth of knowledge will give you plenty of a-ha! moments.

Subject to change based on student's individual interests

Week 1: Design! Find your artistic voice. Design plates around your individual preferences, design tastes and artistic vision. Learn how to make effective tiles for glaze tests and choose between a variety of clay to use (because maybe you've always wanted to try a red clay?!)

Week 2: Bowls! The first project to put your ideas to practice. Learn how to throw bowls like a production-pro! Learn how to wedge smart, replicate shape and design, decorate on the wheel and more.

Week 3: Dessert Plates! Learn how to throw plates that can nestle into large dinner plates. Learn how to elevate the foot of your pieces with trimming skills meant to be consistent and suitable to the design of your work.

Week 4: Dinner Plates! Making suitably sized dinner plates that resist "S" cracks, dry flat and are large enough for a turkey dinner!

Week 5: Mugs! The potter's staple. Trust us when we say Jane has tons of tricks up her sleeve for making the perfect mug for any occasion or dinner set!

Week 6: Handles, attachments, glaze review! Make attachments to any of your pieces and start to plan how you will glaze you entire dinner set.

Week 7: Open Studio! Something not turn our according to plan? Use this time to fix it. Want to start decorating your work with underglaze or wax? Do that too!

Week 8: Glaze! Let the glazing begin! Jane will be giving away all her tips for glazing large peices, lining mugs, decorating and more.

7-week class includes everything: choice of 25lb of clay, glazes, and firings.
All you have to bring is your creativity and curiosity! 
Taught by Jane Thelwell  

Starts Tuesday January 8th, 2019
Tuesday nights 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for 7-weeks  


Our classes fill up fast so you can pay in full or place a deposit online to hold your spot! Any questions give us a call 613-541-1156, or drop in our studio and read our Class Policy.


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