Wednesday Glaze Daze

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This 2-night course has its focus on glazing and finishing pottery. 


Do you feel like you're in a glaze DAZE? Have you only ever dipped glaze and don't know where to go from there? Well this 2-night course will teach you a wide variety of techniques to broaden your horizons beyond the bucket! Bring more life to your pottery by taking your glaze game to the next level. 

Open to anyone who is new to the world of glazing! Designed as a crash course on mixing, applying and decorating with glaze to get you well on your way to possibilities!


Night 1: Mix + Apply! We'll begin with the knitty-gritty of how to mix up dry glaze and check specific gravity. Students will receive 1lb dry glaze (of their choice) to mix, test and take home! We will learn how to make effective test tiles, testing out our newly mixed up glazes on multiple different clay bodies.

Next, we'll learn how to use and apply glaze from a pint with both a brush and a pouring method. A great technique it you've ever wanted to line mugs and bowls with a different colour!

Night 2: Decorate!  The final night will be dedicated to achieving dynamic, graphic glaze results! Learn how to take glazing to the next level with fool-proof techniques to get the most out of your glaze: layering, stamping, wax resist and more. Students will have access to multiple glaze combos to layer and play with on provided bisque ware. 

Includes: 1lb take-home dry glaze, log book + instructions, bisqueware, tool rentals, firing and lots of glaze to play with, of course! 

We will provide bisqueware for testing each technique, but we encourage students to bring their own bisqueware if they'd like to experiment with multiple pieces. Everything produced in class is included in the FREE glaze firing. Students can bring up to 4 additional pieces... No platters, plates or giant monster pieces, please!

Taught by Monika Tan and Sarah Hamelin
Wednesday April 11th + Wednesday April 18th
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm 

+ $40 optional glaze kit is available for purchase at a discounted rate, for students who'd like to have a take-home kit (includes mini sieve, graduated cylinder + fan brush)

 Call, email or drop in to register. 
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