Tuesday Bowl-r-ama with Jane Thelwell

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This seven week pottery course is all about honing your technical throwing skills with one-on-one learning! But don't be scared by these fancy words - this class is FUN!


Let's get one thing straight - this ain't you grandmas pottery class. We're moving beyond the bowl into "Bowl-er-ama," where things get exciting.

Jane is leading the way answering all your burning questions about what, why and how to do this-and-that on the wheel. From technicalities like how to fit lids, to unconventional ways to alter forms.  Jane's wealth of knowledge will give you plenty of a-ha! moments, leave brimming with the possibilities of clay!


"Will it be technical? Yes. But will it be fun? Heck yes!" 


Week 1-6: Throw! Everyone gets their own wheel and jumps right in on the first night, learning anything and everything you throw at Jane. Alter thrown-forms, throw BIG, add rims to plates, make lids, work with calipers, you name it. Class sizes are small and allow for one-on-one specific learning. Each class is 3 hours long, with the opportunity to throw and trim each night.

Week 7: Glaze! One of the best parts! Choose from our selection of in-house glazes and commercial glazes, with lots of  colours to choose from. Learn some cool decorating tricks and have fun experimenting with glaze combos.

STUDIO TIME: Can't get enough? Sign up for additional open studio time every Monday and Saturday for the duration of this class. Scroll below for all the details!

7-week class includes everything: clay, glazes, and firings.
All you have to bring is your creativity and curiosity! 
Taught by Jane Thelwell

Starts Tuesday September 11, 2018
Thursday nights 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for 7-weeks 



Want more clay days? Take what you learn in class and run with it with the option for 14 additional studio days to practice what you learn. Exclusive to the students in this 7-week class.

Studio Times:

Monday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

Below are the perks to joining:
  • 10% off all clay, glaze and tools in store*
  • FREE bisque firing (for everything made in open studio)
  • 50% off glaze firing
  • Access to wheel, griffin grip, bats and slab roller
  • 14 days of studio access


Fine Print: Students must provide their own clay and clean up after themselves. Pretty self explanatory! Have any more questions? Give us a call or pop in the studio to see our space.


Our classes fill up fast so you can pay in full or place a deposit online to hold your spot! Any questions give us a call 613-541-1156, or drop in our studio and read our Class Policy.


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