In-Studio Firings

You Make It, We Bake It!

We have a lot of experience loading and unloading kilns here at Amaranth and can certainly burn a bowl for you!

Rent a shelf or a kiln. You can bring in a test tile for free.



20" kiln shelves are 6" high.

A bisque shelf firing is  $15.00.

A glaze shelf firing is  $25.00.

Need the whole kiln? For our 7 cu ft kiln it's $75 for a bisque firing and  $125 for glaze. Email us with any inquiries.


*Please know that Amaranth Stoneware cares about you and your finished product. We will do everything in our power to make sure you receive a beautiful finished creation, but ultimately are not responsible for any loss, damaged or broken pottery. Should there be any glaze spillage a damaged kiln shelf fee will apply.*

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