M-40 Blade by Dolan

$14.00 CAD
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This M Series knife is one of Dolan's miniature line but is still extremely tough. It features a 1/8" Wide x 1-1/8" Long high carbon steel blade that has been sharpened and heat-treated to hold its edge against even highly grogged clays. The blade is retained in a ferrule with industrial adhesive to protect against water and prevent it from coming loose. The sturdy hardwood handle is sanded and sealed against water damage. This high quality, small scale tool is perfect for fine detail carving, trimming, incising and sgrafitto work.

Dolan Tool Maintenance - Dolan tools should be kept clean & dry when not in use. A light coat of oil should be applied to both the blade and change wood handle periodically for longest life. To sharpen, DO NOT use a file or power grinder. Files are too coarse and a power grinder will heat the steel, the temper and destroy the tool. Dolan recommends using a whetstone (oil or water) to quickly restore your tool's keen edge without damage to the steel.

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