Open House - Mini Competition Registration

Are you joining us for our Open House?

Register for one of our mini competitions and potentially win glaze, clay, tools or handmade pottery to take home!

Our mini competitions are free to register. Only four participants per competition. You can only show up and participate for the competition you registered for. If you are unable to make it please let us know prior to so your spot can be opened up to another potter. An individual can only register for one competition.

More drop in mini competitions will be available for registration day of!

3:30pm - Blindfolded Throw FULL

4pm - Blindfolded throw 1 SPOT LEFT

5pm - Smallest Vase  FULL

6pm - Ghost Off - A competition for pairs Each registration is for 2 people 2 Spots Left

7pm - Blindfolded Throw FULL

8pm - Off the Hump Consistency FULL

Mini Competition Descriptions:

Blindfolded Throw: Register and be pinned up against 3 other "throwers", no experience necessary! Each contestant will be blindfolded and given a small ball of clay to center and throw into a vessel. The competition will be judged by 2-3 potters and best pot wins! Prizes include pugs of clay, glaze, tools, and handmade pottery.

Smallest Vase: Just like it sounds! Try making the smallest teeniest vase of the bunch! Smallest vase may win you a big prize!

Ghost Off - Throwing in pairs: We all know the pottery scene in ghost, but have you ever had the chance to live it? Throw as a team, but rather than kanoodling and ruining a pot try to keep it PG and throw the best pot you can as a team. You must both be active in the process of throwing the pot. Judges will pick the best teamwork they see, not necessarily the best pot!

Off the Hump Consistency: Start with a larger bit of clay and throw mini bowls or cups off the hump. Judges will choose a winner based on the most consistent pots. Just like in the Great Pottery Throw Down!