Open Studio Space - Wheel Packages

What You Get:

12 HOURS: Does not include any supplies, glaze or bats. Bisque Firings up to 4 shelves $120.00 ($10/hour)

25 HOURS: Receive free bisque firings for up to 8 shelves. $175.00 ($7/hour)

BEST DEAL 50 HOURS: Receive free bisque firings for up to 8 shelves, half off glaze firings and a free pug of clay (your choice!) $275.00 ($5.50/hour)

We've grown! Now we're happy to host fellow potters in our space during our business hours & share our wheels with you. No membership needed, but you must have experience throwing on the wheel. Don't have experience? Sign up for one of our throwing courses!

Experience is needed to use our Open Studio Wheel Packages. This can mean experience in our 5+ week pottery throwing class or those who have taken 5 or more Drop-In & Spins. Potters who have experience from other schools or guilds are also welcome.

Studio time isnot monitored by an instructor. This is strictly for you to work and practice without guidance at your own pace.

Usage of wheels is only available during business hours or when handbuilding classes are in session. You may pop in to the studio to use your time, but we recommend looking at our class schedule as classes come first for wheel usage. On your first visit you will receive a card to be filled out by staff members of the time you use the studio. This card will stay at the studio. On your first visit you will be asked to fill out a form and will be given a time card to stay at the studio.

Want to make sure there’s a wheel available for you? Book your time by contacting the studio at:



1) You are agreeing that you have experience throwing on the wheel and can self manage your projects.

2) You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself within your booked time frame. From your wheel to the space around it. We know we're a pottery studio and mess comes with the territory, but we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our studio. The space is our home away from home and keeping a clean studio also means a healthy and safe workplace for our staff and ourselves. We appreciate everyone who helps maintain it!

3) Please note that each hour that you book begins and ends on the half hour. For example, if you arrive at 1:45pm your hour will end at 2:30pm not 2:45pm.

4) Courtesy and kindness rule. Any potter disrespecting others due to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age will be asked to leave.

5) Currently we do not have a storage space for your clay and tools. All supplies brought in must also be taken with you. Greenware must be picked up within 24 hours or trimmed and submitted for bisque firing. Any work not labelled with a name and contact information may be thrown out or donated. Any work left longer than 2 weeks may be thrown out.

6) Trimming your work is your responsibility. Once bisqued you will be called to pick up. Bisque ware left for over 2 weeks falls under our abandoned pieces and is disposed of or donated. Glaze & Glaze firings are not included. For your work to be bisqued you must move it to the firing shelf and label your work.

7) BYOB - Bring Your Own Bat - We have bats available to purchase, but all of our studio bats owned by Amaranth are for classes, workshops and production use only.

8) Expect two weeks for bisque ware to be done. We will email you once it is ready. We do not have your items separated from others as we load the kiln like we’re playing tetris and not with items separated. You are responsible to find your items bisqued with other Open Studio Items. We are not responsible for any damages, lost or stolen pieces.

9) Experience potters are allowed to bring in friends and family to share their time and skills with. Two un-experienced potters are welcome to join an experienced potter at a time.

10) Policies may change without notice. We will do our best to make sure everyone is updated.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancelling 24 hours or more before your scheduled time?

We will reschedule you at a better time that suits you. (And us, we do need to be open!)

Cancelling less than 24 hours?

We can credit you 50% of the cost to be used towards another Open Studio Space - Wheels booking

Completely missed your scheduled time?

We're sorry, but we can't credit or reschedule for you.

 Sorry, we cannot accept any coupons with this workshop.