4-6 Pints of Glaze ship for $15

Precision Slip Trailer

2 oz. bottle with a Purple 16 gauge 1" tip and a "T" cleaning needle, Pink 18 gauge and Yellow 20 gauge 1/2" tips with Grey fine tip cleaning wire, and one tip cover -- great for glaze or slip trailing.

Strong, responsive and easily squeezable -- tested for durability and hours of finger friendly use -- you will love the ease these bottles bring to decorating techniques.

Your hard working fingers will love this squeezable bottle. The three different size tips give superior control and can reduce glazing time significantly when used properly. The fine tips are useful for trailing oxides and glaze techniques such as Cuerda Seca. Apply to outline first then glaze from the wet edge for a uniform coat on flat, horizontal pieces and tiles. Gently thump when section is filled to further flatten the glaze coat. More accurate control can be achieved by:

  1. Squeezing the bottle slightly before turning the tip down.
  2. Releasing slightly after the bottle is tip down (a vacuum is created which holds the glaze back)
  3. Squeeze to apply with superior control as glaze flow ceases almost immediately when pressure is released