*Valentines Special* Date Night Meet The Wheel

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Your partner comes home from a long day of work. You look in their loving eyes and say "Hey, I have a surprise for you! I'm taking you out for Valentine's Day". You then follow that up by telling them they have to wear "painting clothes". Hello romantic night playing with clay!

About the Experience

Try the wheel! Come in and GET MUDDY! Play with clay and reenact everyone's favourite pottery scene from Ghost. Have a new experience with your loved one.

The workshop is lead by an instructor who will help centre the clay and teach you tips & tricks. Make a bowl, tumbler or vase! Everyone has the opportunity to make up to 4 pieces. Go with the flow of the clay and get muddy. 


Friday February 14th       6:00pm - 8:00pm  SOLD OUT

Registration is for 2 participants. You will each have your own wheel. 

Who is this class for?

No license is needed to test drive a pottery wheel. This workshop is intended for anyone 12 and up.

How long is the workshop?

Two Hours

What do I make?

There's lots you can make on the wheel and it's all fun! If this is your first time go with the flow of the clay. Everyone makes roughly 2-4 pieces of pottery. It can range from abstract vases to bowls, pet dishes or tumblers. We do not have a size restriction for height or width of your pieces!

How this workshop works

  • Sign up online, over the phone or by visiting the studio.
  • Day of: Dress for Mess! We recommend wearing clothes you can get muddy in. Think rainy day gardening muddy.
  • Show up 5-15 minutes early. We promise we're friendly, there's lots to see in our studio PLUS sometimes there are dogs here!
  • The teacher will demo the wheel and give you an overview as to how it works. They can be hands on and will help centre clay for you.
  • Cleanup is a shared activity. Everyone lends a hand and is responsible for cleaning their space.
Is it your first time?
THAT IS AWESOME! We love sharing our love of clay and everything we've learned through years & years (and more years) of playing with clay. This workshop is fantastic for trying out the wheel and introducing yourself to pottery. If it's your first time or even second, don't put any pressure on yourself. Just have fun or get meditative and go with the flow of the clay. If you have questions about pottery before, during or after the class then please ask us! 
Hot Tips
  • Rings and wrist jewelry can make it hard to throw as well as long fingernails!
  • DRESS FOR MESS! Or bring a change of clothes

Pick Up

There's a saying  "nothing like pottery to teach you patience". We trim bisque fire, glaze & glaze fire your pieces for you. Pieces usually take 2-3 weeks. We email everyone when the pieces are ready for pick up. We fire according to size and best fit in the kiln. You pieces will be initialed so give yourself time to find them when you come!

 Explore you Creativity with Clay and Have Fun Getting Muddy!