Wild Adventures (by @ericarosepottery) Underglaze Transfer by Ceramica Transfers

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Wild Adventures is a food safe ceramic underglaze transfer made of thin rice paper with decal area of 13x19 inches. This sheet features the elusive Sasquatch along with outdoor wild adventure items. 


This design comes to Ceramica Transfers in partnership with Erica Rose Pottery! Erica is a stay at home mom of 3 that loves to do pottery during nap time. She draws inspiration anywhere from woodsy to fan fiction. 


Erica hails from the beautiful state of Oregon. Big foot is a big deal in Oregon so naturally he/she is part of Erica's work. We are super excited to showcase this new design and see all the fun creations the pottery community comes up with! 


    Underglaze decal in black 

    13in x 19inx 

    good to ^10