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We toured the Coyote Glaze headquarters (and it rocked!) - Amaranth Stoneware Canada

We toured the Coyote Glaze headquarters (and it rocked!)

We had the privilege to get a personal tour at the Coyote Clay and Colour warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Owner and founder Martin Butt showed us the ropes of what it looks like to make glazes on a production level - this is what we call real magic, people!

First and foremost, we just want to put it out there that we are hardcore Coyote fans. Most of our work for production incorporates Coyote glaze on Laguna clay. Did you know that B-Mix clays are based on Martin Butt's recipes? So you can image how much we nerded out when we got a behind-the-scenes look!

All their glazes are made in 50kg batches, individually tested, and hand poured into pints! HAND POURED! As wholesale production potters ourselves, we were so happy to see the handmade touch that goes into the glazes we use! We really feel like it embodies the philosophy of handmade, which makes us love it even more.

And as for testing each glaze? Yup, there's a wall for that! We felt like a kid in a candy store. And the coolest part was Coyote keeps its studio doors open for independent artists to work and have 100+ buckets of glaze at their fingertips. Imagine all the great combos that must be discovered there? 

These are the class glazes

Needless to say, we’re inspired. We’re currently working on bulking up our own wall of test tiles for Coyote samples. We’ve always got at least 50 different Coyote glazes in stock, but now its time to show ‘em off!

We wanted to personally thank Martin Butt for his time and generosity to give us a sneak peak of how our favourite glazes are made!

Thanks, Martin!

Check out our selection of Coyote glaze, that is now 10% OFF for the month of April, and let us know if there are some colours you think we should stock! 

And as for getting inspired, consider joining this Facebook Group: Coyote Glaze Information Exchange. It's a great place to share and discover new glaze combos, especially if you don't happen to live in Albuquerque!


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