6 pints ship for $15 - CANADA WIDE

Are My Pots Ready?

We'll post your class here once unloaded from the kiln!

Students are also called or emailed once pots are unloaded. We keep pots for one month after the unloading date. If not picked up within that month your pots are "Put up for adoption".

If you're unable to pickup your pots within the specified time frame please call and speak with a staff member.

If you are sending someone to pick pots up on your behalf, we recommend sending them a photo of your work (pre-glazed) from class and inform your buddy how your pots are signed. We highly recommend picking up your own pots when possible.

Pots typically take 3-6 weeks to be completed depending on the class and season.

 Class Class Date Unloaded Date
Meet The Wheel August 12th, 2023 August 28th, 2023
Thursday 5 week July 13th, 2023 August 29th, 2023
Pinch Planters August 15th, 2023 Sept. 22nd, 2023
Meet The Wheel August 24th, 2023 Sept. 22nd, 2023
Throw Big August 28th & 29th, 2023 Sept 25th, 2023