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Local Kiln Maintenace: RLB Enterprises

RLB Enterprises: T: 343-263-0727

Eastern Point: Brockville

Western Point: Picton

Northern Point: Perth

Naomi Clement's Free Handles Mini Course

Find it here.

Shimpo Troubleshooting:

Troubleshoot your VL Whisper

Support Videos

John Norris Throwing Clay Notes:

John has kindly provided these notes under the Creative Commons License.

Drop him a note to say Thank You here.

1) Throwing Materials

2) Throwing the Basics

3) Throwing Cylindrical Forms

4) Throwing Bowl with Trimmed Foot

5) Firing Terms

6) Handle Notes

7) Notes on Glazes

8) Throwing Lids

9) Throwing Plates

Handbuilding Templates

Template Maker is easy to use and you can print off templates. Although meant for paper these templates can be easily transferrable to pottery making and provide inspiration! Check out the template maker site here!

Big on handbuilding? Here's a Pinterest board with heaps of free templates!

Check out the vast selection of free templates here.

If you haven't been yet, hop over to! Jessica and her partner have put a lot of work into their clayshare website and we know many potters who find it a valuable resource whether they spring for the premium membership or not!

Check out the website here.

Shrink Ruler Downloads

Looking for a quick fix? Grab yourself some cardboard and print your own shrink ruler! This website has inches & centimeters available for various shrinkage rates. How handy is that?

Download a shrink ruler here.

Glaze Techniques

Georgies Tye-Dye Spin Art Glazing Technique downloadable PDF Here.


Fixing Dead Pan Glazes

 Has a glaze frozen in transit, thickened up over time or Dead-panned in your pint? Check out this handy pdf from Georgies Clay Co. on how to bring it back to life.