Wiziwig Tools

Create matching sets with Wiziwig Ribs!
Each Rib Creates 7 Tools-In-One
Made of 18 Gauge High quality Stainless Steel
(about the thickness of 12 sheets of paper)
They do not flex or bend and are very rust resistant!
Bowl Makin' Chloe Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Cocktail Makin' Wanda Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Mug Makin' Melvin Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Stein Makin' George XL Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Flute Makin' Victoria Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Bowl Makin' Bob Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Mug Makin' Ernie XL Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Tumbler Makin' Edna XL Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Goblet Makin' Lucile Rib $33.00 CAD $33.00 CAD
Clay Shield by Wiziwig Tools $49.95 CAD $49.95 CAD
Touch Up Clay Tool - by Wiziwig Tools $8.75 CAD $8.75 CAD
Multi-Functional Richard Rib $35.00 CAD $35.00 CAD