Learn all about the wonderful Mud Pack Leaders that teach our pottery classes and read our Class Policies.

We're thrilled to welcome you back into our studio.

Classes are being rescheduled. More will be added soon! Private Bookings are available and can be scheduled around our teacher's availability.

We've changed our class policies, so please make sure to read them before committing to a class or workshop.



Friday Afternoon Wheel Class (Oct-Nick Edmond) from $235.00 CAD $235.00 CAD
Meet The Wheel Workshop $60.00 CAD $60.00 CAD
Sweater Mugs Workshop $50.00 CAD $50.00 CAD
Lanterns Workshop $50.00 CAD $50.00 CAD
Throw Big Workshop from $50.00 CAD $70.00 CAD
Thursday 5 Week Throwing Beginner's Class - (Nick Edmond - Jan) from $235.00 CAD $235.00 CAD
Group Booking - Private Pottery Party from $50.00 CAD $360.00 CAD $360.00 CAD