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amaranth history


Amaranth Stoneware began over 25 years ago in a garage in South-Eastern Ontario. From that cornerstone moment, we have seen our business grow to become the amazing pottery studio space it is today. Now, we host classes and retail pottery supplies like clay, glazes, and equipment to eager creators. We create homemade and durable stoneware items to help people all over Canada and the USA to add quaint details to their homes and gardens. The name “Amaranth” comes from a plant, but it also means “one that does not wither”. This plant provides dye, paper, vegetables and grains, as well as unfading beautiful blooms. The value of an amaranth is undeniably linked to it’s symbol of immortality, durability, beauty, determination, and variety: all things we strive to accomplish at Amaranth Stoneware

We are committed to providing superior customer service and the best quality pottery products. We ensure that our products are as hardy as they are elegant; they are able to maintain their beauty in ice, snow, or intense heat without fading or cracking. Our naturally handcrafted products are perfect for the socially and environmentally conscious people. We strive to produce eco-friendly products and promote our local economy through our business.

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