4-6 Pints of Glaze ship for $15

Practical Bee Collection

Living in a rural area in South Eastern Ontario surrounded by great lakes, farms and close knit communities we've been inspired to create our Practical Bee collection of functional ware. 

With neighbors growing their own produce, caring for their own animals and taking care of the Earth under their toes we wanted our line to celebrate that.

Our practical bee collection is hand thrown with a tan body speckled clay. The glazes selected are reminiscent of our communities' farm houses and bring the speckles in the clay to life.

Bring the farm and your family together.
Practical Bee - Mugs from $35.00 CAD $35.00 CAD
Practical Bee - Bowls from $25.00 CAD $25.00 CAD
Practical Bee - Ramekins from $12.00 CAD $12.00 CAD
Practical Bee - Hanging Planters $29.00 CAD $29.00 CAD
Practical Bee - Salt & Spice Cellars $13.30 CAD $19.00 CAD $13.30 CAD $19.00 CAD