True to the name! Overglazes are a final step to add a little oomph to your pottery. Typically giving a metallic affect. Overglazes can be paints for your own design or a transfer which can also be a very realistic or fine drawing or photo.

Typically fired to cone 020-018. If firing in a community studio check with them to make sure you can use one!

Duncan's Gold Luster - Premium Gold 2 grams $82.35 CAD $82.35 CAD
Duncan's Mother of Pearl - 1/2 fl.oz. $14.00 CAD $14.00 CAD
Duncan's Gold Luster - Bright Gold 2 Grams $54.95 CAD $54.95 CAD
Duncan's Essence - 1/2 fl.oz. $14.00 CAD $14.00 CAD
KG-A 2 Gram Brilliant Liquid Gold by Kemper $65.00 CAD $65.00 CAD
Duncan's White Gold Luster - White Gold 2 Grams $54.95 CAD $54.95 CAD