4-6 Pints of Glaze ship for $15

Interactive Pigments

Every one of these Interactive Pigments is a fresh catalyst for your creativity!

Interactive Pigments offer beautiful warm and rich earth tones, changing with dilution, glaze combinations or simple adding clear! Pigments are concentrated, and work best when thinned with water, between 25 to 50% depending on the look you want for your work.

Download the free PDF tutorial and how-to guide here!

How do you use them? However you want!

  • Use them under your glazes for solid color coverage or design work.
  • Use them with wipe-back techniques for antiqued finishes to enhance texture, either alone or under a glaze.
  • Use them over raw glazes (dry but unfired) for majolica techniques at cone 6.
  • Use them with wax resist and multiple glazes for inlays and other design techniques.

Each glaze offers unique results with the same pigments different from what you've seen before with your glazes.These pigments will offer different results with each clay or glaze you try with them! 

Autumn Foliage Glaze IP205 by Georgies $14.85 CAD $14.85 CAD
Golden Straw Glaze IP203 by Georgies $16.20 CAD $16.20 CAD
Indigo Glaze IP212 by Georgies $18.90 CAD $18.90 CAD
Interactive Pigment Sample Set Glaze by Georgies $108.59 CAD $108.59 CAD
Sand & Surf Glaze IP206 by Georgies $14.85 CAD $14.85 CAD
Steel Black Glaze IP207 by Georgies $14.25 CAD $14.25 CAD
Tree Bark Glaze IP202 by Georgies $14.85 CAD $14.85 CAD
Winter Storm Glaze IP208 by Georgies $17.55 CAD $17.55 CAD
Worm Wood Glaze IP211 by Georgies $14.85 CAD $14.85 CAD