Choose from over 40 varieties of clay, including stoneware, paper clay, porcelain, sculptural and raku. We've handpicked and tested all our clays - we LOVE them for their quality, consistency and variety. We carry both Laguna and Tucker's clay.

Laguna was purchased by Miller Clay a few years ago, so you can also find clay bodies under their old Miller names. They're sold in 50 lb boxes or 25 lb pugs.
Tucker's is from Richmond Hill, Ontario and is sold in 20 kg boxes or 10 kg pugs. 
Rates for shipping clay in Canada vary greatly by region. Once you place an order that includes clay we will contact you to let you know the rate.

Use the "All Products" dropbox to browse what you need or send us an email if you have any questions.
WC 843 - Soldate 60 by Laguna from $23.94 CAD $23.94 CAD