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Opulence Glaze of the Month Variety Pack by Opulence

Opulence Glaze of the Month VARIETY PACKS are a great way to try many different Opulence Glazes, featuring a few from each glaze line. with this variety pack, you can join in on our Glaze of the Month Contests as featured on Opulence's Opulence Glaze Conversations Facebook Group!
Each pack includes twelve 2 oz. jars of  Assorted Opulence Colors.
A 2 oz. jar is enough to glaze 2 mugs!
2024 Glaze of the Month Variety Pack:

Jan 840 French Blue

Feb 620 Cherry Blossom

March 504 Limerick

April 845 Overcast

May 941 Violet

June 616 Celery

July 869 Bark

Aug 600 Antique Iron

Sept 508 Goldenrod

Oct 730 Sherbert

Nov 606 Smokey Mtn Mist

Dec 447 Dark Spruce Green