Pacifica Wheel - Gt 400 $90 FLAT RATE SHIPPING

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We understand how important an excellent wheel is. We love Pacifica Wheels and use them for both classes and production pottery. Prices includes splash pan.

• Quiet: A superior quad-belt drive system, two stages of motor vibration
isolation, and a large electronic capacitor make the PACIFICA only “whisper”
under rigorous conditions.
• Smooth: Pacifica’s custom designed load sensor increases the power from
the motor in exact proportion to the load on the wheel head. Wheel head
speed remains constant from 300 RPM down to very slow trimming speeds.
• Powerful: The GT 400 develops over 1/2 hp, enough to center 80 lbs. of clay.
For potters throwing extraordinarily large work, the GT 800 develops over 1 hp
and can center over 100 lbs.
• The Magic Pedal: Magnetic controls allow minute adjustments to wheel head
speed. Cast aluminum housing is flex-free, stable, smooth and well balanced.
• 2 Piece Durable Splash Pan: Included with every wheel, it’s rugged and
easy to remove for cleaning.
• Reversing: Toggle switch mounted on Control Box.
• Circuit Breaker: Push button; no inconvenient fuses.
• Steel Frame: Heavy duty welded construction with 3 widely spaced legs -
stable and virtually indestructible.
• Tabletop: Spacious molded tabletop cleans up easily and provides large work
• Easy Repair: The modular construction allows quick and easy replacement of
parts down the road - whether it be the motor, a belt, or the electronic control


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