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How to naturally solve the spring-time Fruit Fly crisis!

I pick up the bunch of bananas I swear I just bought and an army of fruit flies scatters into the kitchen. What’s the deal with fruit flies, I say in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice as my 4 year old stares at me blankly. 



Did you know these little suckers can travel to your home on the produce you buy? They lay eggs on the skin of very ripe fruit meaning those bananas I took home were potentially harbouring the newest generation of fruit flies. GROSS.



Lucky for me, Amaranth Stoneware just so happens to offer the EXACT thing I needed to exterminate my new roommates. Behold, the Fruit Fly Trap (aka: The Shroom of Doom).  



Simply fill the base with your choice of bait (sweet wine, fruit juice or apple cider vinegar) and add 1 to 2 drops of dish soap. Add the mushroom cap and leave undisturbed in the kitchen. 




Proceed with extermination dance party.


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