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Summer's out, oven's on!

I can't be the only one having a kitchen dance party over the end of summer, can I?



There has been no love for the oven this summer but I've been on a cooking and baking spree all week thanks to the cooler weather!

First up? Apple crisp, of course! 

I brought home some Amaranth pottery to try out over the weekend and thought the Firebrick Baker would be perfect to tackle the crisp.



Handmade from durable stoneware and lead-free glaze this Baker tackled the crisp like a boss. It fit 2 large Gala apples perfectly (could have added more but we enjoy a greater topping to apple ratio) and was exactly what I needed to go from oven to table.   




I envision using the Firebrick Baker for things like zucchini and corn bread in the future and with Fall finally here, nothing can stand in my way! 

These sweet Bakers are $10 off for the month of October and would make a great Christmas gift for the baker in your life. 

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