$15 Shipping with a minimum order of 4 pints

Updated Shipping Rates

We have multiple flat rate fees for shipping within Canada!

Small Tool Shipping Lettermail (no tracking or insurance) $5

*If you select letter mail no tracking or insurance is provided for lost or damaged items. Please be mindful when selecting this option. We will inform you when your order is shipped by letter mail*

Small Tool Shipping with tracking $15

Flat rate under order qty minimum (0.01lbs-7.99lbs) $18

Flat rate promotional (8-12lbs = 4-6 pints) $15

Flat rate (12.1-16lbs) $20

Just Above Flat Rate (16.1-20lbs) $25

Bulky Shipping (20.1-30lbs) $30

Bulkier Shipping (30.1-50lbs) $40

Extra Bulky (50lbs-99.99lbs) $50

Extra Extra Bulky (100lbs-125lbs) $60

Super Bulky (125.01lbs-140lbs) $80

Wheel Shipping (140.1-150lbs) $90

Ultra Bulk (150.01-200lbs) $100


Each Area of Canada has a flat rate for clay & dry materials shipping.

If you're ordering stoneware for your store as a wholesaler we charge 15% of your order. Wholesale shipping is a minimum of $15.00. We collect this payment after you place your order.