4-6 Pints of Glaze ship for $15

Opulence Glaze by Mid-South Ceramics

Opulence Glaze was developed by Dr. Richard Eppler, the foremost glaze chemist in the world, and Tom Turnbull. Manufactured by Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company, sales started in 1986 with the goal to give potters access to quality glaze results with the brillance and clarity to match any in the ceramic industry. A potter did not need to be a chemist, one only needed to add water.
Since this time many commercial glazes have joined the market, yet Opulence still stands out as the best dipping glaze available. Another advantage that was foremost in development, Opulence Glaze can be blended and/or used as a base glaze so to give each potter their own individual, signature glazes. Also, there is no question about the food safety of the glazes.
New lines are being developed under the same standards and scrutiny begun with Dr. Eppler. Now available in 5 distinctive finishes in both brushing and dipping, Opulence Glaze stays in the forefront of the commercial glaze industry. Each glaze is backed by Mid-South Ceramic’s commitment to education, quality and best results.
*Opulence is manufactured in Pints for brushing and Dry for dipping or spraying.