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20 Reasons to Buy Pottery

Like anyone really needs another reason to buy more handcrafted stoneware.

1) It's Handmade with Love and Passion.
2) It adds character to your home & garden.
3) All natural is a massive benefit.
4) Dishwasher Safe to boot.
5) Handmade mugs make you feel warmer in the winter.
6) Every piece is unique.
7) It's a fantastic gift for your bestie.
8) Or your family.
9) Pottery doesn't damage the environment like other materials.
10) Buy pottery instead of flowers...because flowers die.
11) Stoneware for your garden may last longer than your home.
12) You support an artist when you buy handmade stoneware.
13) That artist also supports many local companies when purchasing their supplies.
14) Pottery won't fade.
15) Pottery also won't forget your birthday.
16) Pottery won't leave you unless you toss it out.
17) You can buy pottery because you have a crush on the potter
18) Buy pottery for the person who thinks they have everything.
19) Buy stoneware markers, so you don't forget what you planted
20) Pottery will last through the winter
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