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BPA Blunder

These days our society is becoming more conscious of our enviro-footprint and health.

Caring more for not what’s just put in our bodies, but what is ingested by our furry or feathered friends domestic or wild. A new worry on everyone’s plate isn’t just what chemicals may be in the food, but what chemicals can bypass through the dinnerware you use.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an epoxy resin that is found in plastics and coatings of our take-away containers, plates, or even metal coffee cups. A worry because it seeps through and contaminates food. Even the process of recycling plastic doesn’t eliminate BPA. Even though you’re doing well for the environment when buying recycled plastic dishware, you may be harming yours and your pet’s body and brain.

There are a few steps you can take to avoid BPA in not only your own food, but in your pets as well even to help the birds and bees outside your home keep a healthy body and mind. Even the plastic birdfeeder you have hanging out on your oak tree may be damaging your favourite Blue jay or Robin. The tray you put chicken in for Mittens or Duke may be seeping BPA and being ingested.


We can really just recommend searching for BPA free products. This can include stainless steel (but make sure there isn’t any kind of coating) and stoneware. That’s right our own Bird Feeders, Wolf Bowls, Lady-Bug Castles to Bee Feeders and Toad Homes are BPA free. Since their made from clay our feeders and critter shelters are made from the earth we all walk on. Safe for every mouth, no matter the size.


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