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Gardening Tips For Those With a Black Thumb

We know, it's not always easy keeping a garden lush, green and healthy. Pesky pests and weeds can be damaging and for some of us, so are our own hands.
Amaranth is made up of a 50/50 split of those who can grow a sunflower and veggies to those of us who have a hard time keeping a cactus going.
If you're like the Black Thumbed Potters of Amaranth, here are our tips to help you grow a darn good-looking garden one day.
1)  Ask Plenty of Questions.
To anyone. Hobby Gardeners, Greenhouse Employees, landscapers, the 50% of Potters at Amaranth who successfully keep their gardens... Pick their brain! Ask anything and everything you can think of. Chances are they're going to love talking about it!
2) If they say it works...Go with it!
If it's not broken don't fix it. If a neighbor with a mighty fine garden said they used a certain fertilizer and soil mix. Chances are you copying that will bring successes to your garden too! Copying is a form of admiration, so don't feel like their garden soil concoction is limited to only them if they were willing to share the recipe with you.
3) Get creative.
Sometimes it will be totally worth putting dryer sheets in your garden, just to see if it helps in any way.
Get crafty and be daring. After all if it mucks up a garden bed there's always next spring to try again!
4) If all fails. Just enjoy the wild flowers.
There will be some way that you can enjoy a garden. Even if it means you sit back and let the weeds take over. At least at that point you can conserve water and drink some margaritas.
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