Did you know that succulents are the best plants ever? If you didn't, you're about to find out why these little numbers are so hot right now.



These fancy little creatures have even inspired a recent trend of "living jewelry".



Succulents are the perfect plant if you have a tendency to kill everything. They prefer being left alone, sunning themselves like a cat. If they look dry, what the heck, give them a little water! 



Keep these miniature gems in a sunny spot and your love story will be one for the ages.



You can use the leaves on your plant to grow more succulents! How? Stick a leaf in your pot, water and watch it grow. Even if it doesn't work it will still look amazing.



Succulents are so amazing that they can even defy gravity! Plant your succulents in one of our Living Wreaths (currently on sale!) and create the perfect backdrop for your gravity-defying succulents! If your succulents are afraid of heights, you can also leave as an adorable centerpiece.




Become a succulent owner and amaze your friends with your newfound green thumb! Just don't tell them your new plants are practically immortal.