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Top 3 NCECA Inspirations - Amaranth Stoneware Canada

Top 3 NCECA Inspirations

The mecca for ceramicists in North America.
It's an opportunity for Clay Buddies to find each other and awe in the work done by potters of all skill levels.
Plus you can win things and see new releases from our favourite clay companies.
(Hi Brent Wheels - We'll gladly win a free wheel next year thank you)
Although we didn't get to go this year we were watching the posts role in and wanted to highlight some of our favourite works, exhibitions and moments from this year's NCECA we witnessed from the sidelines.
1) AMACO celebrating 100 years
May Glaze be ever in your favour. Holy smokes - 100 Artists creating 100 pieces of work celebrating the 100 years Amaco has been in business. The pieces were magical. We recommend you get lost in looking at them all and then go down the rabbit hole of following all the artists. Inspire Yourself Here:
Travis Winters Amaco 100 Years Celebration Mug
Mug By Travis Winters
 2) Bonspiel - Representing Canada and our fabulous winter weather
Well done to everyone involved! These Canadians took home the gold medal in our hearts. These artists banned together to celebrate Canadiana and our love of winter sports. The pieces were jaw dropping and we were lucky enough to see some in our studio en route to NCECA. Support Canadian Here: 
3) Shot Glass Exchange - Celebrate Community
The potter community is a supportive and loving one and it's amazing what we share with each other. The shot glass exchange is so much fun and we wish more events like this happened! Sharing = Caring. Spread your mud love! If you're looking to be a part of some online clay communities reach out and we'll invite you to our personal favourites! One example: Clay Buddies
@Motherpotter Shot Glasses for NCECA Exchange
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