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Summer 2023 Classes

Learn all about the wonderful Mud Pack Leaders that teach our pottery classes and read our Class Policies

You want to play with mud? We've got you covered! 

Here you will find our multi-week classes. These classes give you a more in depth knowledge into making pottery and experience a complete process. They will leave you brimming with the endless possibilities of clay! Join us & dip your toes into the world of pottery or expand your knowledge!

Looking for a one day workshops? Find them here.

Please carefully read all class descriptions and our class policies before you commit to a class or workshop.
Pottery BootCamp - One Week Four Days! $200.00 CAD $225.00 CAD $200.00 CAD $225.00 CAD
EVENING Wednesday Deep Dive Pottery Class - 8 Weeks $375.00 CAD $425.00 CAD $375.00 CAD $425.00 CAD
Teapots - Next Level Workshop $150.00 CAD $175.00 CAD $150.00 CAD $175.00 CAD
Muddy Mixer - Friday Surface Exploration Drop Ins from $25.00 CAD $125.00 CAD $100.00 CAD $125.00 CAD
Garden Totems - Weekend Workshop $175.00 CAD $200.00 CAD $175.00 CAD $200.00 CAD