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2818D Cone Art Kiln

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Cone Art Kilns - made to order & Canadian made!
  • 6.5 Cubic feet
  • Double wall construction
  • Kanthal A-1 Elements
  • 208 or 240 Volts (60 or 70Amp breaker required)
  • Sectional design
  • Multiple zone Bartlett controller at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Counterweight lid lifter at NO EXTRA CHARGE

New Orders have an estimated 8 -12 week lead time. 


Is this your first kiln? No worries! You will have an opportunity to sit down with the owner for a kiln programming session 1:1 in person or remotely!

Our top 8 questions to ask yourself before buying a kiln:

1. How much voltage do I have in my electrical panel.
2. What type of power do I have?
3. Where am I going to put the kiln, can I fit the kiln through the door?
4. How big a kiln do I need?
5. What shape do I need? Platters vs vases.
6. How will I vent the kiln?
7. Do I need Kiln furniture?
8. Do I have cones, kiln wash, and a logbook?

If you're interested in a kiln and would like a shipping quote please call or email with your postal code.

This is a double insulated kiln with a wall profile of 2.5” premium firebrick plus 1″ of block insulation. The floor and lid are constructed with 3″ firebrick and has an additional 1″ of block insulation.  The extra insulation ensures a cooler, safer jacket, longer element life, and approximately 30 % savings in electricity costs. The kiln is clad in a stainless-steel jacket for extra protection and durability.

There are heavy-duty Kanthal A-1 elements in the walls and floor. This makes firing to cone 10 a breeze even with high mass loads.

This kiln is equipped with a counterweight lid lifter and Bartlett electronic controller with multiple zone control panel mounted on an angle for easy viewing. Both features come standard at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This kiln is available with the standard V6-CF Bartlett keypad or upgrade to the Wifi-enabled Genesis touch screen.