Bee Waterer

$27.50 CAD
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Bees drink a lot of water & need to have a source they can access.  They can’t drink while flying, they have to land & then they run into problems drowning or being a pest.  People will often have bees flying around bird baths, fountains, even the pet bowl. You don’t want to harm them but who wants to get stung. Fill the bee waterer with the included glass beads, & add water. The bees can land on the beads & easily get a drink without drowning. Fun to watch, place the bee waterer in a spot that allows you to see them fly in for a drink. This will help keep them away from places that you may not want them to be. Refill as necessary, dishwasher safe, instructions included.
Enjoy ! -Weatherproof white stoneware about 7.5” x 1.5”

Tags: Bee Feeder
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