Mayco - Speckled Stroke & Coat Kit 16oz SPKIT2P

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Contains 12 16 oz. jars of the best selling Speckled Stroke & Coat® glazes.

SP-216 Speckled Cotton Tail
SP-206 Speckled Sunkissed
SP-245 Speckled My Blue Heaven
SP-211 Speckled Blue Yonder
SP-212 Speckled Moody Blue
SP-213 Speckled Grapel
SP-270 Speckled Pink-A-Dot
SP-274 Speckled Hot Tamale
SP-227 Speckled Sour Apple
SP-226 Speckled Green Thumb
SP-254 Speckled Vanilla Dip
SP-215 Speckled Tuxedo