Pet Protector

$10.45 CAD
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Offering guidance, protection, courage or a laugh, our handcrafted Pet Protectors will watch over your cherished companions.The all knowing & all seeing hand is an ancient symbol used in many cultures representing compassion, guidance & protection. Angels & Saints are packaged with this heartfelt thought.We give thanks for the creatures who live alongside us as companions & friends. Their loyalty, love & trust enriches our lives & gives us joy. May we Learn the value of kindness, the power of mercy, the strength of gentleness & a new spirit of humility. Wonder Cat is able to make you laugh, scratch at all things precious, always there when the door opens & love you unconditionally. Wonder Dog is able to make you laugh, eat dog food at a furious rate, leap onto tall furniture & love you unconditionally.

Packaged with fun or sentimental words, White stoneware is measures about 1 3/4 x 1 1/2.

Handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario by one of our awesome team members at Amaranth Stoneware. Weatherproof stoneware, lead-free, safe and natural!

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