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Pet Protector

Our Pet Protectors will watch over your cherished companions, offering guidance, protection, courage or a laugh. Each Pet Protector offers something a little different whether it be heartfelt, charming or funny. Packaged with fun or sentimental words, each measuring about 1 3/4" x 1 1/2."

The All-Knowing & All Seeing Hand: an ancient symbol used in many cultures representing compassion, guidance & protection.

Angels & Saints: packaged with this heartfelt thought, "We give thanks for the creatures who live alongside us as companions and friends. Their loyalty, love and trust enriches our lives and gives us joy. May we Learn the value of kindness, the power of mercy, the strength of gentleness and a new spirit of humility."

Wonder Cat is able to make you laugh, scratch at all things precious, always there when the door opens and love you unconditionally.

Wonder Dog is able to make you laugh, eat dog food at a furious rate, leap onto tall furniture and love you unconditionally.


Handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario by one of our awesome team members at Amaranth Stoneware. Durable stoneware, dishwasher-safe, lead-free, safe and natural! We are proud of our Canadian made products, and hope you take pleasure in our art.