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VI-27 Turquoise Velvet Ink (VI) by Amaco

VI-27 Turquoise Velvet Ink Underglaze is a blue green color that is cyan at cone 05, becomes deeper cone 5, and becomes very dark at cone 10. This underglaze maintains its color well under a clear glaze at any temperature.

This color is inspired by V-327 Turquoise. 

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Introducing the Velvet Inks! Inspired by the Velvet Underglazes saturated color, dependability, and versatility the Velvet Inks are the perfect addition to your underglaze tool belt. 

With their smooth application and compatibility with various printing techniques, such as screen printing and block printing, artists can now effortlessly add detailed patterns and rich hues to their work. Whether you're a seasoned ceramicist or a novice crafter, AMACO Velvet Inks opens up endless possibilities for creative expression. Dive into a world of vivid imagination and elevate your pottery projects with our exceptional underglaze ink!

Saturated Color Apply to unfired clay or bisque True to color
Can be used with or without glaze - Food Safe with proper glaze
Cone 05 to 10