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Wallie Casserole Wood Drape Molds by GR Pottery Forms

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This Wallie Form has a 2" depth to create a deep casserole dish. It also includes Lifting Grooves so you can easily remove the Form from the clay. There is a center hole for a Spacer if you want to elevate the Form while constructing the piece, adding a Spacer will also help make your dish even deeper. **Spacer Pull NOT included (sold separately).

Available Sizes:

10x14" Wallie Casserole Form

10x10" Wallie Casserole Form

5x14" Wallie Casserole Form

All Forms measured in inches. 

Wood drape molds are cut and beveled fiberboard which make them durable and economical. Easy to use over and over again.  No release agent or sealing necessary. The timing of making them and removing the pieces from the slab is very similar to plaster. They are made of wood fiberboard. They will not last as long if they are left in a wet condition for over a 24 hour period.