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Our Top 5 Pottery Hacks for Glazing! - Amaranth Stoneware Canada

Our top 5 hacks when it comes to everything glaze related!

  1. Die your wax resist.
    We use Tucker's Wax Resist, which comes as a translucent wax. Add a couple drops of blue food colouring to see exactly where you’ve waxed. Won’t stain your bisqueware!

  1. Fire small or unbalanced pieces on the Bed of Nails.
    This is a regular kiln stilt on steroids! The Bed of Nails is a platform that features dozens of little nails to make loading wobbly or small pieces a DREAM in the kiln. Interlock them to create a wide base for pieces to rest on without a chance of warping, sticking to the shelf or falling over.

  1. Mix buckets of glaze with a (NEW CLEAN) toilet brush.
    It’ll be the best $1.25 you’ll ever spend on a pottery tool! Trust us, try it.

  1. Put fused glaze pieces in the freezer to release them.
    Did your jar’s lid stick to the rim of the pot after firing? Throw it in the freezer for at least 2 hours, then take it out and tap it with a wooden spoon. If it’s only a little bit of glaze that's fusing it together, it should release (Thanks to Leslie for this hack!)
  1. Pour glaze over big pieces using a watering can.
    Our best hack we’ve ever discovered! If your piece is too big to dip in a bucket of glaze, don’t opt for brushing the glaze on. All you need it a pint of glaze, a banding wheel/lazy susan, a stainless steel bowl, a watering can (or juice jug) and 2 wooden stakes.

    Pour your glaze in the watering can, set up the pieces to be glazed as pictured below, then spin the wheel and pour! It gives a perfect, even coverage. You would think it was dipped!