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We're becoming fast fans of Mayco Glazes. They are reliable and consistent plus lots of unique colours to play with!

Mayco’s Stoneware glaze assortment, including Opals, Ices, and Washes, offers a variety of finishes, textures and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. Designed to perform from cones 5-10, in oxidation or reduction firing processes on stoneware clay body of choice. Artists will appreciate the consistency of performance and control of movement. Artists will find amazing glaze combinations to expand the creative possibilities in the studio. Whether it is a pairing with a Mayco Wash, one of our Clears or a complex surface like SW-127 Olivine, these layering techniques will improve the work of any clay enthusiast.

Use Mayco Stoneware Glazes on any midrange clay body. These glazes are intended for use at cone range 4-6 but are also stable and pleasing at cone 10. Can be used in oxidation, reduction or other alternative atmospheric firing conditions. Always test prior to use.

Flux by Mayco SW-401 SW-402 from $9.00 CAD $9.00 CAD
Winter Wood by Mayco SW-155 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Norse Blue by Mayco SW-166 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Lavender Mist by Mayco SW-165 from $21.95 CAD $21.95 CAD
Blue Hydrangea by Mayco SW-170 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Sandstone by Mayco SW-176 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Raspberry Mist by Mayco SW-177 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Birch by Mayco SW-131 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Sea Salt by Mayco SW-118 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Shipwreck by Mayco SW-154 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Aurora Green by Mayco SW-146 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Celadon Bloom by Mayco SW-150 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Alabaster by Mayco SW-106 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Green Tea by Mayco SW-108 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Black Designer Liner by Mayco SG-401 $7.95 CAD $7.95 CAD
Sand & Sea by Mayco SW-167 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Stoned Denim by Mayco SW-101 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Muddy Waters by Mayco SW-179 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Night Moth by Mayco SW-181 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Frosted Lemon by Mayco SW-169 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Cenote by Mayco SW-189 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Tiger's Eye by Mayco SW-112 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Galaxy by Mayco SW-156 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Cordovan by Mayco SW-128 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Light Magma by Mayco SW-405 $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Satin Patina Matte by Mayco SW-164 from $20.95 CAD $20.95 CAD
Dark Magma by Mayco SW-406 $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Black Matte by Mayco SW-140 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Blue Splatterware by Mayco SW-152 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Crackle Matte Clear by Mayco SW-003 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Cinnabar by Mayco SW-119 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
SC-16 Cotton Tail Stroke & Coat by Mayco $27.00 CAD $27.00 CAD
Eggplant by Mayco SW-134 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Capri Blue by Mayco SW-109 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Enchanted Forest by Mayco SW-171 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Manganese Wash by Mayco $8.95 CAD $8.95 CAD
Blue Surf by Mayco SW-100 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Midnight Rain by Mayco SW-115 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Robin's Egg by Mayco SW-116 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Desert Dusk by Mayco SW-180 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
White Opal by Mayco SW-250 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Cobalt Wash by Mayco $8.95 CAD $8.95 CAD
Dunes by Mayco SW-107 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Coral Sands by Mayco SW-168 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Matte Clear by Mayco SW-002 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Smoke by Mayco SW-121 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Peacock by Mayco SW-212 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD
Speckled Toad by Mayco SW-184 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Indigo Rain by Mayco SW-153 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Frost Blue by Mayco SW-105 from $18.95 CAD $18.95 CAD