Archie's Glazes

You can achieve stunning and amazingly varied results with a single glaze, or truly spectacular effects by layering over other glazes. This series is more demanding, the application is critical; too thin and they can be ugly, too thick and they will be runny.

Best Seller - Sample Set #3 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Archie's Base by Coyote MBG034 from $39.42 CAD $39.42 CAD
Blue Purple Glaze by Coyote MBG028 from $40.77 CAD $40.77 CAD
Eggplant Glaze by Coyote MBG056 from $40.91 CAD $40.91 CAD
Gun Metal Green Glaze by Coyote MBG026 from $40.77 CAD $40.77 CAD
Ice Blue Glaze by Coyote MBG058 from $41.04 CAD $41.04 CAD
Opal Glaze by Coyote MBG055 from $34.70 CAD $176.04 CAD $34.70 CAD
Red Gold Glaze by Coyote MBG031 from $39.69 CAD $39.69 CAD
Rhubarb Glaze by Coyote MBG057 from $44.28 CAD $44.28 CAD
Frosted Topaz by Coyote MBG240 from $45.36 CAD $45.36 CAD
Magenta Sky by Coyote MBG241 from $42.93 CAD $42.93 CAD
Parakeet Yellow by Coyote MBG243 from $44.15 CAD $44.15 CAD
Papaya by Coyote MBG242 from $46.71 CAD $46.71 CAD
New Glazes 2023 - Sample Set SS#2 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Archie's Series - Sample Set SS#14 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD