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Frank's Celadons

Frank's Colored Celadon Glazes - translucent glazes are great over brushwork, carvings and texture and colored clays. While celadons are usually thought of as ranging from pale to intense green, traditional celadons could also be clear, yellow or blue. The pallette includes a rich variety of colors. These glazes are user friendly, pooling without being overly runny. Particularly nice over porcelain or smooth white clay.

All are foodsafe except for Peacock Green.

Celadon - Sample Set #7 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Aqua Glaze by Coyote MBG102 from $23.36 CAD $23.36 CAD
Dusty Rose Glaze by Coyote MBG098 from $25.25 CAD $25.25 CAD
Night Sky Glaze by Coyote MBG107 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Sedona Sunset Glaze by Coyote MBG099 from $24.84 CAD $24.84 CAD
Root Beer Glaze by Coyote MBG105 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Rainy Day Glaze by Coyote MBG109 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Key Lime Glaze by Coyote MBG103 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Peach Blush Glaze by Coyote MBG100 from $23.49 CAD $23.49 CAD
Peacock Green Glaze by Coyote MBG104 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Sapphire Glaze by Coyote MBG108 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Stormy Sea Glaze by Coyote MBG101 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Sunshine Yellow by Coyote MBG106 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD