Copper & Iron

One of our most varied series, the Copper and Iron Glazes provide beautiful, traditional looks for ceramic wares.  They each have their own properties, but most are durable enough for functional ware.  

Best Seller - Sample Set #3 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Bronze Temmoku Glaze by Coyote MBG120 from $42.66 CAD $42.66 CAD
Crazed Copper Glaze by Coyote MBG036 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Oasis Blue Glaze by Coyote MBG037 from $23.76 CAD $23.76 CAD
Oxblood Glaze by Coyote MBG131 from $27.00 CAD $27.00 CAD
Snowy Plum Glaze by Coyote MBG130 from $25.38 CAD $25.38 CAD
Toshi Brown Glaze by Coyote MBG027 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD