NEW Coyote 2022 Glazes

New 2022 Glazes from Coyote are on their way!

Coyote's best selling Archie's Series and popular new Fantasy Series are both expanding. Try any of the new colors today. Pints are being stocked and dry available for ordering.

Magenta Sky by Coyote MBG241 from $42.93 CAD $42.93 CAD
Amethyst by Coyote MBG216 from $38.48 CAD $38.48 CAD
Frosted Topaz by Coyote MBG240 from $45.36 CAD $45.36 CAD
New Glazes 2023 - Sample Set SS#2 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Archie's Series - Sample Set SS#14 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Parakeet Yellow by Coyote MBG243 from $44.15 CAD $44.15 CAD
Hydra Scale by Coyote MBG220 from $33.21 CAD $33.21 CAD
Phoenix Egg by Coyote MBG221 from $34.02 CAD $34.02 CAD
Antique Pearl by Coyote MBG217 from $32.13 CAD $32.13 CAD
Papaya by Coyote MBG242 from $46.71 CAD $46.71 CAD
Fantasy Colours - Sample Set SS#13 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
Dragon's Eye by Coyote MBG218 from $36.18 CAD $36.18 CAD
Firefly Garden by Coyote MBG219 from $35.24 CAD $35.24 CAD