Slow Cool Crystal

Special slow cool glazes are specifically designed to take advantage of the controlled cooling process to produce macro-crystals without a special crystal firing. Now with Coyote Slow Cool, crystal glazes can be fired in the same kiln as all your favorite colors.By adding controlled cooling to a normal cone 6 firing, these glazes produce spectacular effects that were previously difficult to obtain!
Ivory Crystal Glaze by Coyote MBG160 from $24.30 CAD $24.30 CAD
Crystal Celadon Glaze by Coyote MBG161 from $24.44 CAD $24.44 CAD
Crystal Lagoon Glaze by Coyote MBG162 from $30.92 CAD $30.92 CAD
Crystal Aurora Glaze by Coyote MBG163 from $25.65 CAD $25.65 CAD
Crystal Nebula Glaze by Coyote MBG164 from $24.30 CAD $24.30 CAD
Rose Crytal Glaze by Coyote MBG165 from $24.30 CAD $24.30 CAD