Texas Two-Step

The Texas Two-Step Oilspots are a specialized series that use pairs of glazes to create unique effects. Anywhere that one of the five overcoats is laid on top of Licorice, Coffee Bean, or Brick Red, a stunning spotted pattern will appear during firing.  Thicker applications lead to bigger spots. Try using wax resist after the first layer to create negative space designs.

Learn more about all the possible glaze combinations here.


Licorice Glaze by Coyote MBG140 from $24.44 CAD $24.44 CAD
Coffee Bean Glaze by Coyote MBG141 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Brick Red Glaze by Coyote MBG142 from $41.85 CAD $41.85 CAD
Birch Glaze by Coyote MBG151 from $24.03 CAD $24.03 CAD
Blue Moon Glaze by Coyote MBG150 from $25.65 CAD $25.65 CAD
Marshmallow by Coyote MBG153 from $23.76 CAD $23.76 CAD
Sea Mist by Coyote MBG154 from $25.11 CAD $25.11 CAD
Texas Rose by Coyote MBG152 from $34.56 CAD $34.56 CAD
Texas Two-Step - Sample Set #9 $97.20 CAD $97.20 CAD
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