Vibro-Colors by Coyote

Try the new line of Vibro-Colors to add a bright pop of color!

Vibro-Colors are as stable and reliable as Enduro-Color Liner Glazes, but loaded up with colorant for a vibrant pop. They do not run, resist scratching and crazing, and look pretty much the same in all firing cycles.

Turquoise Lake by Coyote MBG205 from $19.04 CAD $19.04 CAD
Mediterranean Sea by Coyote MBG200 from $22.01 CAD $22.01 CAD
Tiger Lily by Coyote MBG204 from $22.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Sundrop by Coyote MBG203 from $20.79 CAD $20.79 CAD
Passion Red by Coyote MBG201 from $25.11 CAD $25.11 CAD
Periwinkle by Coyote MBG202 from $21.06 CAD $21.06 CAD